Retail, Sales

Whatever your company is most known for should be featured in a blog post, autoresponder email, website, social media post. Press releases can bring you local exposure.

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Non-Profit, Vision-Based

Talk about your audience and the community you serve in newsletters, blog posts, social media posts or a basic website.

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Medical or Corporate

Blog posts, stand-alone articles, newsletters, press releases or internal webpages help you connect with employees, industry professionals, researchers, and consumers.

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Customized Report

You will receive a custom report to evaluate the focus and clarity of your message. Get the job done the way you want it done.
Our collaboration builds on your content planning and promotion — keeping it on track and controlling costs.

My Copywriting Services

As an online copywriter, my services are directed primarily at websites and social media updates. This includes reviewing, planning, and writing content for blogs, knowledge centers, e-newsletters, article marketing, technical writing and of course your main corporate website. I’ve been providing copywriting services professionally since 1990.

We brainstorm with you and research your industry to understand the universal challenge your consumers face and the solution your business can deliver. Our focus is getting results you want.

My Support Network

My network is built to match your specialty. It includes copywriters for legal/lawyer websites, medical, and real estate markets. SEO, technical writers, financial writers, recipe writers, graphic designers, photographers, and illustrators all contribute to our network of supporting professionals.